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nanci olesen

drawing on experience

Lala puts on the apron.jpeg
Homework 1.png
Homework 1.png
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i'm doing my

home work...

… and I want to share it with you.


I draw what I think and see. 


It's March in  Brooklyn.  The air is full of questions.


At school, the students are painting with acrylic, and getting some of the paint on their clothes too....


A few of my visual blogs are on display at TB Coffee on Myrtle Avenue...

I believe in hope.  Especially now.  





lake and sky.jpeg
homework 3.png
hands holding house.jpeg
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i'm here

  speaker and writer / illustrator / montessori teacher

what i'm working on

Here are my long term projects: 

I'm taming my thoughts into 8 paneled zines, finding voice and music in some translations by Rilke,  sending my children’s book ideas into the world, and keeping a writing practice.  Click on each title below to find out more.

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