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… and I want to share it with you!   I draw and paint what I think and see.  It's sort of like scribing, or singing. 

Children need us to vote.   They can't vote. But we can.   Do you have your voting plan?  If you need more information about where and how to vote, you can look hereUntil election day,  I am working to get out the vote.   The most important election of our lifetime is just around the corner.  Vote like your life depends on it.  


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  speaker and writer / illustrator / montessori teacher

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It’s a dance of chance now in the pandemic times.  Studio time is structured in four areas of study:  taming my thoughts into 8 paneled quaranzines, finding voice and music in some translations by Rilke,  sending my children’s book ideas into the world, and keeping a writing/radio practice.  The only real method I know is to show up and work.

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