nanci olesen

drawing on experience

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i'm doing my

home work...

… and I want to share it with you! 


I draw what I think and see.  It's sort of like scribing, and a little like painting. 


September finds me in Brooklyn, where I'm settling in for the  school year, riding my bike and teaching English.  I guess I still believe in hope.   Abiding love.  Making art.  Listening to each other.

Breathe.  Make beauty in your life.  Give whatever you can.  Get vaccinated.



i'm here

  speaker and writer / illustrator / montessori teacher

what i'm working on

The pandemic dance is easing.  Studio time is fractured by teaching time.   There are still four areas of study:  taming my thoughts into 8 paneled zines, finding voice and music in some translations by Rilke,  sending my children’s book ideas into the world, and keeping a writing practice.