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i can read my essays to your group

I have essays to share with your group.  I have a collection of sweet commentaries about topics like: 

  • raising children

  • love

  • early childhood

  • becoming a parent 

  • traveling in the wilderness

  • being present to this moment

  • aging (gracefully?) 


What does your group want to hear?  We could all do a writing exercise.  We could even do some drawing and writing… and talk about visual practice.  Seems like we’d all gather on Zoom, doesn’t it?  Or perhaps in a park (I have a nice loud speaking voice) or in your spacious yard?  I’m organized, humorous, and kind. I am available October through November 2020 for an hour-long session with your group.   It’ll cost you about $75-$100.   Contact me in the form below.  

i can draw you and your beloved for your Wedding or event

Consider having an illustrator (me!) make an invitation for you.  Let’s talk about how I could draw you and your beloved for your engagement announcement, or make thank you notes that depict your event.  I’m just breaking into this.

It’ll cost you about $50 per drawing, or we can bundle and figure it out.  You get the digital version along with the original!  Or I can get it printed for you.  Let’s talk.  Contact me in the form below.

i can host a learning session with your preschool child

I have AMI Montessori training for children ages 3-6 and I can organize a 3 hour Montessori “work” session with your preschooler.   This  fall,  you and your child could meet me in my yard (with face masks) to work with Montessori practical life, language, sensorial, and math materials.  If you like how it’s going, we could consider doing something on a regular basis.


The rates I charge are negotiable for this.   Contact me and we can talk.  I can provide references and credentials.

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