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speaking services

i can read my essays to your group

I have a collection of sweet commentaries about topics like:

  • love

  • early childhood

  • becoming a parent 

  • traveling in the wilderness

  • being present to this moment

  • aging (gracefully?) 

We could all do a writing exercise.  We could even do some drawing and writing… and talk about visual practice.  


I am available for an hour-long session with your group (via Zoom unless you're in NYC).   It’ll cost you about $75-$100.  Contact me in the form below.  

illustration services.jpeg
illustration services

i can draw you and your beloved for your Wedding or event

Consider having an illustrator (me!) make an invitation for you.  Let’s talk about how I could draw you and your beloved for your engagement announcement, or make thank you notes that depict your event.

It’ll cost you about $50 per drawing, or we can bundle and figure it out.  You get the digital version along with the original!  Or I can get it printed for you.  Contact me in the form below.

learning services.jpeg
learning sessions

i have a teaching gig...

I have AMI Montessori training for children ages 3-6 and I currently teach the (English) language materials to elementary students at a Mandarin Immersion Montessori school in Brooklyn.  I also lead "all sings!"   These are 45 minute singalongs for parents and children.

I am preparing to share more of my parenting expertise in written form.  I am available for consultation, particularly about child development.  I understand parenting through the lens of Maria Montessori's teachings.   


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