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about me


I draw and paint and write and talk. I love being with children.   I used to work in public radio with a specialty in parenting issues.  I have been a Montessori teacher in Minnesota and New York, with a long stint as a head of school in Minneapolis.    I provide speaking services, freelance illustration, and learning sessions for Montessori students of all ages. 

I fill small sketchbooks and journals with my drawing and writing.    I love crowded city streets and windswept mountaintops.   Yellow used to be my favorite color, but right now it might be turquoise.   I swim in lakes and hike on trails and paddle on rivers.   I play the piano late at night.   I have grown a garden and shoveled snow and cooked dinner and hosted parties and raised our children and ridden my bike in Minneapolis for 38 years. 


I moved to Brooklyn in the fall of 2021.  I ride my bike  to the school where I teach , along the East (Hudson) River. 

As we gallop into 2024, I feel uncertain and hopeful.   

I have a daily practice of drawing and writing.

I want to share my work with you.

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